Lincoln (2012)


Lincoln (2012)

Steven Spielberg + Daniel Day Lewis – what more needs to be said!?! One of the greatest directors of our time with one of the greatest actors of our time… so to say the bar was set high is an understatement. Luckily, the bar that was set by the people involved in this project was easily met and, in some cases, exceeded.

Lincoln is not only a great period piece – the attention to detail and realism give the impression that you are actually witnessing history as it unfolded some 150+ years ago.  Spielberg’s direction is subtle yet brilliantly elegant. He is able to take the audience along for an incredible ride without injecting too many “artsy” directing techniques that take away from the picture. Daniel Day Lewis’ acting is outstanding here. As an actor, Lewis tends to come out from out of nowhere, rock the socks off of a role, garner a bunch of awards, then disappear for a few more years until his next epic portrayal onscreen. Lewis is Lincoln in this role – period. He’s so good that you never once think ‘I can tell he’s acting here.’ I also thought James Spader really stood out as somewhat stealing the show from some of the other great actors in this (and their are a lot of them)!

Since this is a big Oscar contender this year, lots can and has been said about it already, so I’ll just add that it’s not only a great movie, but a perfect history lesson and reminder of what makes this country great and also what can give us way too many headaches: politics.


Bottom Line: Great movie – rich in historical context and great performances all around, worth checking out!


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