No Taste

Before I go in to a battle of wits among family and friends, arguing and rationalizing my thoughts and opinions about movies on this blog, I thought I had better start out by simply saying:

Bad Taste
“There is No Such Thing As TASTE

As my wife can attest to, I have a been a vocal advocate of sorts for honestly believing that, despite people’s best efforts to persuade me otherwise, taste (in terms of good and bad), does not exist.

Of course I won’t argue that things like food have a certain “taste.” But that’s taste that can be accounted for by one of the five senses – a scientific fact, a completely different kind of taste altogether. No, the “taste” that I am referring to is anything that has been established and created by personalities, individual beliefs, and societal norms from the past 200+ years. To elaborate – music, movies, clothing, the opposite sex, automobiles, guns, interior design – you name it – should not be connected to “good taste” or “bad taste” in any way.

The phrase, “You have bad taste in movies,” usually makes one instantly reel back and become defensive like a coiled snake. What they’re really telling you in their mind is, “Your taste in movies is inferior to my own – therefore you instantly lose all forms of credibility based of my own personal rationalizations for why I have good taste.”

Who are we to say what’s a good movie or a bad one? There is no scientific evidence PROVING what makes one movie better than another. And why is that? It all just comes down to one reason: opinions. Making the analogy to a more serious topic – only to get the point across – should any one person be given the absolute right to decide who lives and who should dies, based solely on their opinions, biases, and personal tastes?

The reason ‘No” is the answer to that question is simple – most decisions are subjective, they are always open to interpretation and they can always be disputed by others – like all forms of art. Therefore, Taste in movies, music, clothing, etc. is no different because it’s a subjective decision. Just because some established “Academy” or group has deemed movies as “great,” doesn’t mean that liking those movies mean you have good or bad taste – it’s just a difference of opinion.

So again, just giving a heads up to any readers of this blog – take my opinions with a grain of salt, there is no good or bad taste, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to this subject. I only add my 2-cents worth because of my huge love for movies and how they affect peoples’ lives.

Hope you enjoy!

– Todd

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