The Stallone Paradox

Sly Stallone

For as long as I can remember, I have been enthralled with Sylvester Stallone Movies. I don’t know what it is, but from the time I was just out of diapers to now, I have always enjoyed his movies. I have proudly collected and obtained all of them over the years (less Spy Kids 3D, which I just can’t bring myself to watch and/or buy).

I’ll be the first one to tell you that Stallone is not the best actor – his movies can be campy and his hard-to-follow slurred speech leaves something to be desired. But despite these potential setbacks, my (strictly platonic) man-love for Stallone grows with each movie he makes.

There is something that I just connect to with the man – and to me, those feelings and emotions come to fruition onscreen. He’s a man whose personal and professional career has had numerous highs and lows,  yet I always walk away from a Stallone flick with a happy feeling – I just can’t explain it. Not all of his movies are feel-good per-say; in fact, many would argue the exact opposite. His public image is that of an old tough guy that can’t act and that sticks to Reagan-era ideals and mentality – but, what’s wrong with that? Movies are for entertainment right?

Ok – just to generalize a bit here:  It’s probably safe to say that most boys growing up had some sort of role model one way or another. For most little dudes in America, I’d imagine the duties of  “the role model” fell onto a a parent, sibling, or distant relative; or perhaps an older friend that they may have looked up to.

In any case, I was no different – being raised in a household with primarily 1950’s suburbia-esque ideals with the man of the house representing the end-all be-all of human existence. He was the decision-maker, the bread-winner, the man with a plan – the person who always had the last say because after all, he is the king of the castle. The point is that I idolized my father like a God as a child – he was tough, knew how to handle business, loved firearms, was a devote republican and dedicated family man. Hmmm is this starting to sound like anyone in the movie world?

Obviously, my mere admiration for Stallone and his awesomeness is probably rooted somewhere within the depths of my psyche and my attachment to my father – but I won’t go there, I’ll leave that one to Freud. Just know that my movie reviews are in no way based off the types of movies that Stallone are in – I only offer my obsession with him as a warning to take these reviews with a grain of salt – after all, they’re just movies!

– Todd

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